We'll never forget them

We'll never forget them

Dear Lollipop Cloud friends and contributors,

We are informing you about the resignation of jmf, one of our co-founders, effective as of today, 29 February, 2019:

"After a year of great experiences, I have decided to leave the Lollipop team in order to pursue other endeavors. I look forward to watching from a distance and seeing what happens next for Lollipop. Thank you to Kemonine and all the contributors for the support and camaraderie. It’s been a pleasure. I look forward to seeing you around the ‘verse." -jmf

They've been a valuable member of our team. We can't find words to express our gratitude towards them, and for their contributions. We'll never forget them.

We respect their decision and wish they find what they are looking for, in their future endeavors.

Thank you, jmf, and good luck!