Reduced Costs, Continuity, Thanks

Reduced Costs, Continuity, Thanks

Reduced Costs

Today marks our 2nd (!) migration of our Docker registry and download site. Originally it was hosted on a very small VPS (no storage), then we moved the back end to Azure Blob Storage and now it's at home on a server...

The first move was because we needed more storage, the second is to help reduce our monthly operating costs.

Azure Blob Storage cost us about $100 USD the past 2 months and thanks to our Works On Arm sponsorship we have enough hardware available to us to support our Docker Registry and download site. Now that we've shuffled, storage, our Azure costs will be $0 (zero) for the time being.

We really like the Azure Blob Storage platform but given the costs as we grow in popularity it's become quite expensive. This is the main reason we shuffled (again!) and if appropriate, we'll use the service again.


One interesting thing that's subtle, but important, to mention is Continuity. As in: what happens if the Lollipop Cloud project disappears.

This is a HYPOTHETICAL! We're not going anywhere.

We have successfully migrated our Docker Registry and download site multiple times. The data, configuration and more is the same between each of the different locations it's been run. Our approach to using Docker and working with upstream projects to ensure good arm support means that even if something happens...

You can still use the upstream projects containers in place of ours. Even if something happens, you're cloud will continue to be viable. You can run the upstream containers directly with your existing data. We work very hard to ensure our builds and documentation match upstream projects and we deviate very little.

This also facilitates remixes (kubernetes comes to mind) for using our containers and base approach in other contexts.


We'd also like to take a second to thank Works on Arm one more time for the hardware. Without it we'd be struggling to reduce our costs.

We'd also like to thank the fine folks who sponsored us on OpenCollective. We really appreciate the support. 💖