We have another round of wonderful, amazing news for our community!

We are excited to announce that we have been accepted as a collective by the OpenCollective community, which will take us one step closer to being able to devote our full-time attention to Lollipop's development. Currently this is a hobby and a side project, but we know there is a need and a niche, and we have so much we want to do for the project!

In response to community members' requests, we have researched Liberapay,, PaypPal, Patreon, Stripe, and others. Each has positive and negative points and together they provide a reasonable balance of options. These are great options for different reasons, but they don't quite allow us the level of transparency and or opportunities for self-hosting to which we've dedicated ourselves.

And then we found OpenCollective, which has the core features we wanted in a donations platform that can be self-hosted. We applied for the program and are excited to announce that were recently accepted. Their support team has been so helpful, responsive, and welcoming. Their documentation also includes notes and details for self hosting. We have spent a few days setting up our OpenCollective accounts and now the Lollipop open collective is fully online.

Our co-founders are able to create expense submissions, and we have set our first fundraising goal of $450 USD for the commercial licensing of our existing logo! We are also looking into longer-term goals, for the longer-term success of the project.

We aim to post all of our expenses to the OpenCollective platform for transparency.

With all that said, and in response to community members' requests, we have also setup Liberapay, Patreon, and PayPal accounts. As excited as we are about OpenCollective, we want to make it as easy as possible for our community members who have already been so generous.

We have not setup any minimums for donations and leave it to our community to make the final judgement. We value all our community members, regardless of their ability to contribute financially.

Our site's main donations page is here. And for those looking for specific accounts: