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Nerd / geek / programmer / maker


Linux distribution aiming to democratize personal servers


N.B : this account is not for support or bug-tracking ...

Eloísa & them Seagulls

I do #Photography & #Poetry;

am #LollipopCloud's Community Manager;

Moderate & Admin some instances + projects.

They/She | #NoBot |


Full stack developer.

Creator of @pixelfed, admin of

#music #design #webdev #beer

Easy-to-use privacy-conscious apps and sites for non-technical people:

#Privacy #Alternatives #DeleteFacebook

Lollipop Cloud

The official Activity Pub account for the Lollipop Cloud project

Purveyor of artisanal #PixelFed hosting, and member of #Gitea dev team.

✨Heather G. :squishygecko: ✨

Western Canadian writer, illustrator, and comicker. Mastodon.ART's unofficial positivity ambassador. Owned by a crested gecko named Squishy. :squishygecko: 🇨🇦

⛧ chacha20poly1312 ⛧

Trans woman, student in engineering school.
Plume maintainer.

Ozzy Shortwick :dnd:

Admin of - Infosec curious, automation enthusiast. Former Ubuntu and Kubernetes contributor. #nobot

:blobpeek: Heather:heart_demi:

🇨🇦 An artist I think???


#MastoAdmin at @CampCounselor and @Curator


In the margin, I am - written.